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In the Land of Blood and Honey footage online

LandofBloodandHoney.jpgA clip from the Angelina Jolie film In the Land of Blood and Honey has appeared online just after the premiere in Berlin this week. It also screened in Sarajevo on Tuesday and afterwards some of the cast, including Jolie, were reported to have received death threats.

Judging from the previous stories about the film and this clip it would seem that the concerns about the film being insensitive to the people involved in the war are rather unfounded.

In the Land of Blood and Honey sees a relationship starting between two characters, a Serb and a Muslim, just as the war breaks out, and concerns about the story have been high since the beginning, however the concerns and rumours about the main story have pretty much been debunked.

One concern many have had is how it would portray the feelings and motivations behind the war, as with any such story when someone writes and directs a film about an event in another country that isn't their country and they weren't involved in, concerns are raised about whether it will be judgemental, simply black and white, and if it will portray the real events and feelings.

However it looks like even these concerns could have been unfounded as a clip has appeared online of a moment where one of the main characters is discussing their actions and motives in the war and it would seem rather non-judgemental and rather sympathetic.

Of course it's just a short clip, but there's a strong feeling coming from this as it could so easily have been very preachy.

Here's the clip that comes through The Guardian who have obliged by allowing embedding on this one.



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