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New [REC] 3: Génesis trailer

REC3Genesis.jpgI've got a soft spot for the REC films, particularly as the second one did such a clever job of rejuvenating the ideas from the first and adding some very interesting twists. Well now REC 3: Génesis looks set to do give us another interesting turn of events for the new film as we see a wedding, at some location not far from the original incident, turn chaotic when the outbreak breaks out.

The great thing about this trailer, apart from English subtitles of course, is the feel that we're going to see one badass bride, and we all know how angry they can get when something goes wrong on their wedding day. Give her a chainsaw, a ruined wedding and a host of infected reanimated corpses and you get...

Paco Plaza directed and co-wrote the third instalment with Luiso Berdejo and it tells the story of a wedding interrupted by the dead come back to life just two miles from the location of the original films and in broad daylight, however still featuring the hand held footage.

One of my concerns for [REC] 3: Génesis was how they were going to keep the idea going, something they did superbly well in the second so I'm really keen to discover how they are going to deliver something new in this third film as well as how they will tie in with the story and concepts from the previous two.

I'm also curious to see if they can keep the first person footage idea going without it seeming stale as so many Hollywood films are finding, and one way is of course at a wedding where there is probably a professional videographer and are plenty of phones and cameras on the go.

The film follows the wedding day of Koldo and Clara during which some of the guests start feeling ill and before long they are turning into the crazed creatures we saw in the previous two films. The bride and groom are separated and start fighting their way back to find each other as the outbreak and the creatures spread.

I just hope it does manage to deliver something new and interesting. Have a look for yourselves at the [REC] 3: Génesis trailer which comes through ShockTillYouDrop:



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