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The Island President trailer inspires

TheIslandPresident.jpgI know there are plenty of blinkered idiots out there, nations of them in fact, but when you are faced with losing your entire country underwater I guess your perspectives change a little, and the trailer for The Island President shows a man, and indeed a country, that are facing that very problem.

The Maldives are set to vanish underwater and this is the story of the President of that country, fighting for something to be done globally to ensure that his country doesn't drown under a sea of water, bureaucracy and short thinking politicians, and the trailer looks damned powerful.

The audio, the images, and above all the words of President Mohamed Nasheed are stirring and powerful, and I love the manner of the President who seems to just tell it as it is without political spin or vague catchphrases.

This is a superb trailer that really does get the blood thumping, and it looks like Jon Shenk is set to deliver a powerful documentary.

Here's the blurb for The Island President in the usual unreadable style which I've added some paragraphs into to make it more readable:

Jon Shenk's The Island President tells the story of President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives, a man confronting a problem greater than any other world leader has ever faced--the literal survival of his country and everyone in it.

After bringing democracy to the Maldives after thirty years of despotic rule, Nasheed is now faced with an even greater challenge: as one of the most low-lying countries in the world, a rise of three feet in sea level would submerge the 1200 islands of the Maldives enough to make them uninhabitable.

The Island President captures Nasheed's first year of office, culminating in his trip to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009, where the film provides a rare glimpse of the political horse-trading that goes on at such a top-level global assembly. Nasheed is unusually candid about revealing his strategies--leveraging the Maldives' underdog position as a tiny country, harnessing the power of media, and overcoming deadlocks through an appeal to unity with other developing nations.

When hope fades for a written accord to be signed, Nasheed makes a stirring speech which salvages an agreement. Despite the modest size of his country, Mohamed Nasheed has become one of the leading international voices for urgent action on climate change.

You can see the fantastic trailer for The Island President over at Apple Trailers, and it's well worth watching. I'm adding this to my must see list.



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