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What This Means War could have been

ThisMeansWar.jpgMcG and his cast have been doing the press rounds for This Means War and that means lots of juicy quotes as well as the opportunity for people to corner him about Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review), which actually seems to have come from his own lips

The most interesting story comes from the idea that McG and his team apparently considered releasing the film with multiple endings so that people in different cinemas could see different films, well in the endings anyway.

McG was talking about the idea that they had of releasing multiple endings and said:

"We wanted to have flexibility and even talked about two endings and releasing it on 3,000 screens -- 1,500 have this [ending] and 1,500 have that one, and just not saying anything...But it felt a little gimmicky in the end"

We don't really know how far this went down the idea route, and perhaps it was just in his own head at one point, or maybe it's just one of those great quotes that will ensure they get lots of exposure for the fil - tada! - however the idea would have worked when you have two people fighting over a third.

He even joked that they could have gone further:

"There's even an ending where the two boys end up in each other's arms..."

That was the point, according to Movieline through /Film, that Tom Hardy piped up:

"That should have been the ending...It would have been a really groundbreaking ending! You should have gone for it, really gone for it."

Now here's where I must point out that a lot of people are then quoting McG as slagging off Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review) but the quote appears to come right after Tom Hardy's and considering the conversation is rather jokey and jovial I'm not sure the same weight can be applied to the comment as it would standing on its own:

"I know, I know...I pussed out on the ending of Terminator 4… so I should've gone for the dark ending of this one."

I don't really think that this comment is meant in the way it sounds if you just read it on its own. Reading it in other articles not connected to the full quote from Hardy you can almost think that McG has his head down and shaking it slowly and with real regret, however reading it after the Tom Hardy comment you can see him laughing and joking and making a pun that he's probably now regretting was made.

Or perhaps not, it's all good advertising for his latest film.

Multiple endings may be termed a gimmick, but the thing about it is that it would have fitted with the film and kept the audience in the film. It's not like 3D or 4D where you're taken out of the film to gaze at the marvel of the effect, the audience would still be in the film and enjoying it as a complete entity.

Are multiple endings gimmicks? I don't think they truly are because you'd be watching a complete film, just a bit different from the other version in the cinema next to. It's like saying IMAX is a gimmick as it delivers two slightly different versions of a film and of an experience, and yet the audience aren't taken out of the film by the gimmick, they're pulled further in.

I'd certainly enjoy multiple endings more than 3D, as long as they weren't contrived and as painful.



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