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Zorro reborn again with Bernal

GaelGarciaBernal.jpgSeriously, another Zorro film? That seems to be the case, and it's not a terrible idea as the last Zorro films weren't a crime against cinema, they were fun and entertaining, but it's hard to see what could be milked from the idea, unless they go dark and gritty of course.

The new Zorro will be the excellent actor Gael Garcia Bernal, and that already suggests that this will offer something a little weightier than they films we've seen, or perhaps it just means it will carry as much budget as the previous.

Of course the new Zorro already has a twist, Zorro Reborn is set in a post apocalyptic future, in a deserted landscape where his new call will be:

"To avenge the helpless…to aid the oppressed"

According to the story in The Guardian through Variety which doesn't reveal anything more about the plot but does tell us that this isn't the only Zorro film in development.

It would seem that Sony is planning on releasing a more traditional origins story which follows the period of their previous films with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins as young and old Zorro's. Their film will trace the line back to the original Zorro and how he came to be, presumably in the same style.

20th Century Fox are responsible for this new Zorro and the futuristic take, which isn't a bad idea but then neither is Sony's who have a strong franchise and a strong character to continue. However Fox's will undoubtedly go harder and darker, think more like Priest without the Vampires, and Sony's will be a young Banderas with more frivolity and fun.

Could there be room for both? I wonder if Sony's version will manage to attract as big a name as Gael Garcia Bernal?



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