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1984 to get Hollywood remake

1984.jpgIt's hard to believe that the remake machine can keep going, actually that's not true I can believe it would keep remaking poor to middle of the range films, but it seems amazing to me that it would continue to look to remaking the classics.

So while it's not really surprising that another remake project has been announced today it is surprising that it's one so big, George Orwell's classic Nineteen Eighty-Four.

It seems almost incredible to believe that they are going to tackle the remake, but tackle it they will and it's not the idea of a small production company or one that is intent on churning out remake after remake, no this is a big project.

According to the news from The Hollywood Reporter through The Guardian there's a consortium that is producing the remake, one that includes Imagine Entertainment, which will be the company that you see on all Ron Howard's films as he's part owner.

To be fair there's not a list of big names that are reeled off following the Howard connection, and it might be that the production company has it on their books without Howard being involved, you can imagine a part owner doesn't sign off on every project, but still it indicates that one large production company is behind the remake, for now anyway.

The original work is best known for, apart from the original George Orwell novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) of course, the classic Nineteen Eighty-Four which was made in, amazingly, 1984. This version is the one starring John Hurt and the wonderful Richard Burton in his last film appearance, and what a great one it is too, and Suzanna Hamilton.

That film tells the story of a party worker whose job it is to rewrite history for the Ministry of Truth in a society that is monitored and ruled by a totalitarian leadership which controls everything. The party worker falls in love, something that is against the law, and they try to hide their affair from the listening and viewing devices of what is termed Big Brother. Of course they can't and they are taken by the Ministry for their crimes.

It's not the only film version though, and the Guardian article reminds us that there was a 1956 version called 1984 starring Edmond O'Brien, Michael Redgrave and Jan Sterling which changed the storyline from the original work but is almost impossible to find as it was withdrawn following the expiry of a distribution agreement with George Orwell's estate. Still, it seems you can get it on LOVEFiLM and Amazon.

Apparently the production is currently looking for screenwriters so there's a lot of hope for the project yet, after all at this point nothing is decided if there's no script not even a treatment or perhaps not even a pitch.

The question will be how will the new 1984 change? It will obviously take into account new technologies and the fact that 1984 has passed some time ago, so we'll see a name change and an updated with technology both in front of and behind the camera, but that's a given, what else?

It will undoubtedly be updated to keep in track with the current political situations around the globe and perhaps that doesn't mean that it will be too different, after all we are seeing people breaking from their oppressive, monitoring regimes around the world and while the governments try to control and monitor them more and more the more they struggle and fight for freedom.

It could mean big changes, but at the same time it could mean that not much has changed at all.



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