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John Carter ten minutes online

JohnCarter.jpgFinally we see something about the John Carter film that isn't about CG, big yeti creatures and a man with super powers fighting them. This ten minute clip begins on Earth and in the period of the young Edgar Rice Burroughs as he receives a journal of his Uncle John Carter's experience.

That experience transports him backwards in time, again on Earth to the beginning of the journey, and to explaining the story that none of the trailers have attempted to do so far.

I think to the people who don't know the story of John Carter and have just seen a trailer this is going to be a real surprise for none of it is on Mars.

The ten minutes of John Carter appear to be the opening ten minutes, or close to, and seem to show everything up to the point that he discovers something that will change his life forever, and presumably kick him off to Mars.

I wonder if this could have been released much earlier, or as I've said before some of this footage could have been used along with the Mars effects shots to explain a little of the story. Still, that to the side, the opening is great fun and does give that Indy feeling of action adventure.

Here's the ten minutes of John Carter footage through Quiet Earth:

Well, what did you think?



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