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Luther film version says author

Luther.jpgThere's not a lot of information to go on in this piece of news, but there is some hope for fans of the hugely successful Luther on BBC television, the series that sees Idris Elba's detective take rather dark and self-destructive route to his investigations, breaking the law, risking his own life, and even connecting with a killer who draws out some strange feelings in him.

Neil Cross' character is definitely a different detective to the one we've seen and the portrayal on BBC by the excellent Idris Elba is a great one that has won plenty of awards, including the best drama at the Royal Television Society awards.

So what next? Well it looks like a book, another series, and then a film.

Neil Cross, the writer and creator of the character, has been talking about the plans for the character and revealed some really exciting news, as well as some very sad news.

Luther will be making his last outing on television in a third series and the promise is that the ending will be a powerful and moving one that sounds like it will be an end to the series that no one would want to continue on from.

Except that is in a novel and a film as Cross revealed to the Radio 4 show Front Row saying that there will be a novel and a film, well maybe.

"We'll wrap up Luther as a TV show, but I think we'll then probably make the leap to the big screen"

To be fair that doesn't sound like it's concrete, but it does sound as though there's something there to talk about, that is unless Cross is just trying to build up hype for the new novel and try and sell the idea to Hollywood.

The novel, which according to the BBC article is titled The Calling, will be based on John Luther's exploits, but there's no clear indication of whether this will be pre or post series three, or if it will be about Luther himself, after all "based on" does not mean the character will be the focus as the television series has.

Could Luther translate to film? Well I think the character certainly could for he's a darker detective than we've seen before and it's clear he's less of a moralistic reference as most on screen detectives are - the good against the bad of the criminal he's hunting. In fact he regularly breaks the law, can't connect with people, struggles with a darker side that often means he puts himself in danger and sometimes deliberately so, and feels more connected with the terrifying character played so well by Ruth Wilson than with the police he works alongside.

All that does sound really interesting to explore in a film, but perhaps the series has let the best part of his story pass us by. The most interesting part of Luther for me, after the character that Idris Elba plays so well, is the connection with the darkest character, how that affects the two characters and how their stories weave together.

Yet that story has been told and developed in the series, what more after the third is there to tell? Could the film go back and retell that story and work? Would the film have to build on what has been told in the television series and therefore appeal to a smaller audience?

I'm not sure if a Luther film could work without that storyline, and to be a successful standalone film it would surely have to retell this story thread for the film audience, does that mean it becomes the core of the film?



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