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New Extraterrestial (Extraterrestre) trailers

Extraterrestre.jpgI saw Extraterrestial (Extraterrestre) at this year's Glasgow Film Festival and I took Mrs Filmstalker along for the trip which she rarely does, amazingly she's not such the fan of film that I am and when she comes to see films she's rather selective with her choices. I was surprised that she chose the film, and even more surprised that she liked it just as much as I did.

Extraterrestial (Extraterrestre) comes from Nacho Vigalondo, the writer and director of the excellent Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes) (Filmstalker review), and stars Michelle Jenner and Julián Villagrán with Carlos Areces and Raúl Cimas, and the film tells the story of blossoming love at a rather inappropriate time, an alien invasion.

Sounds weird doesn't it? However the film is superb and it focuses on a small group of people in an empty city under the strangest of circumstances as an alien spaceship hovers far above.

Here's the blurb for Extraterrestial (Extraterrestre):

When strangers Julio and Julia wake up together, groggy and hung-over from the night before, the last thing they are expecting is to discover that an alien invasion has taken place. In Extraterrestre, Nacho Vigalondo melds science fiction, romance and black comedy in his latest feature about the darkly fascinating aspects of the human psyche.

Mind you as Nacho Vigalondo said before the screening, this is a film about an alien spaceship, peaches and tennis balls, lots of tennis balls. Indeed those things are in there, but the real story is in the relationships of the three main characters.

Michelle Jenner and Julián Villagrán are great to watch and Vigalondo has written a clever script that manages to craft some rather interesting quirks of human nature into a funny and enjoyable story.

We went to a late screening of the film and one thing Mrs Filmstalker loves to do is sleep through films when they're late, however she stayed wide awake for this film, laughed throughout and by the end we both loved the characters and the story.

Here's a teaser for Extraterrestial (Extraterrestre) through TrailerAddict:

Here's the trailer:

I'd say that Extraterrestial (Extraterrestre) is definitely worth seeing and while it only has a Spanish release on the 23rd of March, I'm sure that there are more screenings to come.



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