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Ouija back from the dead

Ouija.jpgThere were some stories recently about the gluck of Hasbro game based films being pulled, some hoped that this was because the ideas were just too silly, but then Battleship has come to fruition and perhaps that's proven to studios that there is mileage in an old board game.

Ouija was one of those titles that was scrapped, a film about the ouija board, which frankly I thought was odd because there's far more mileage in that than a game of Battleships, and that's hitting screens in April as a huge blockbuster film. So is it any surprise that Ouija has been brought back from the dead?

Universal and Hasbro had gone their separate ways on the project, apparently due to budget concerns but I can't see that argument holding water when you consider Battleship. The budget on that film must have been huge, and this is a film about a ouija board and spirits, sure there are effects in there but not to the scale of those required for Battleship, surely?

Well it's back and there's an additional producer that has joining that might hold a key to its revival. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions has joined the production team behind Ouija and they are known for small budget and effective horror films such as Paranormal Activity, well not effective for me but it's the profit numbers we're talking about here.

So this would suggest that Ouija is being repackaged as a smaller budget horror and the question is why wasn't it to begin with? Why should it have a mega budget that caused it to be dropped by Universal? It doesn't need it, this isn't a Battleship or a Transformers film.

The Hollywood Reporter, who have the story, suggest that the budget might be coming in at a mere US $5 million, yes that is mere, but there's no other information on what form the film will take. Hopefully not found footage, but at least it has more mileage than some of the game adaptations they've been discussing.



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