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Show White and the Huntsman five minute trailer

SnowWhiteandtheHuntsman.jpgThe Rupert Sanders directed and Evan Daugherty written Snow White and the Huntsman has gained a five minute trailer to explain the story and set out the key players, not only that it shows that you do not mess with Charlize Theron when she's angry and that Chris Hemsworth isn't quite as good a Sean Connery impersonator as you might think.

The effects look great, the story is built well, and the set-up looks like it could deliver a really dark tale, then the fairy tale part arrives and it all seems to go a little too, well, fairy tale for my liking. At least it's won back quite quickly.

I love everything that goes along with Charlize Theron's evil Queen, especially near the end when the action really takes off. I'm not too sold on Snow White who is, so far and through all this footage, just Kristen Stewart but then that's what fans of Twilight have come to expect so they want to see more of her in romantic angst and looking troubled. At least there's some more of her in action here.

As for Chris Hemsworth, well I just can't get used to the accent he's using. Is it Scottish or just something that sounds similar? He looks like he's playing Thor (Filmstalker review) without the brightly coloured outfit.

I am surprised at the actors who are playing the dwarves though, I had expected that they would use small actors and I do hope that the camera angles aren't all forced to keep them looking small as some of the shots would suggest.

Still, the action in Show White and the Huntsman looks fantastic and the effects equally so, and that evil Queen is delicious.

Here's the extended trailer which comes through TrailerAddict:

To go along with this extended story telling trailer, something that more films should have such as John Carter which would have benefited from marketing more than the repeated creature fight, comes a new theatrical trailer that offers far more of the evil Queen and more of the darkness of the fairy tale world.

This Show White and the Huntsman trailer looks great, but I'm still concerned about how fairy tale the nice sanctuary world will be portrayed and if it will become a little too twee set against the darker side of the Queen's world.

I'm sure you're still on board for the film despite some of the negatives, I know I am.



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