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Sound of My Voice first twelve minutes online

SoundofMyVoice.jpgSound of My Voice is a film that I'd never heard of until I was drawn in by the promise of twelve minutes of footage from the film in an interactive trailer. Now that I've seen the trailer and this extended footage I'm rather hooked on the idea of the film and what it could deliver.

The film is about two investigative journalists who decide to infiltrate a cult that is growing in popularity and what happens to them once they get there.

Sound of My Voice is co-written by Brit Marling, who also stars in the film, she co-wrote and starred in Another Earth, and co-written and directed by Zal Batmanglij who wrote and directed the short film The Recordist which Marling starred in.

Before you view the first twelve minutes you might like to see the trailer of Sound of My Voice, or you might like to watch the twelve minutes and come back to the trailer, I think it'll work either way. Here's the trailer which comes through Quiet Earth:

Here's the blurb for the film:

Following much preparation, Peter and Lorna are given an address. In the dead of night, they pull off the lonely road and await further instructions. Soon they part with their clothes and belongings. After they shower and clean themselves thoroughly, they are blindfolded and whisked to an undisclosed location, where they descend into a basement. Once downstairs, they perform the complicated handshake and are able to gain entry into the group. With that, the young couple, who have been posing as believers, successfully infiltrate the cult's inner sanctum and meet enigmatic leader Maggie, portrayed by the promising Brit Marling (also cowriter and producer). What follows is a delicately paced and riveting plunge into a psychological maelstrom of uncertainty and danger.

Here are the first twelve minutes which come through Quiet Earth, it's one of these interactive trailers where you'll see icons popping up that you can select to see additional videos about the story or comment on the section you're watching:

The trailer does portray an interesting idea for the film and then seeing the opening you could begin to understand how they could be drawn to the focus of the cult. It'll be interesting to see how the film plays out and if the journalist and girlfriend get in too deep to pull themselves out.



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