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The Dark Tower continues

TheDarkTower.jpgIt's not surprising to be hearing that a project which was once dead has been brought back to life at another studio, we hear it all the time in the run up to projects entering a real production phase but when it's the story of The Dark Tower fans ears perk up more than normal, and I should know I'm one of those fans.

While we did hear that the project had been dropped and even with Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Brian Grazer backing it Universal thought that the budget was too much for them. Now there's a rumour that Warner Bros. are looking into the project, much more than that they're in negotiations to pick it up.

It would seem that Warner Bros. have bought Akiva Goldsman's script and are paying him to do a polish of it in order to get it ready for Ron Howard to direct.

That's the rumour from Deadline through First Showing. I do find it odd that Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Brian Grazer who have been so keen on holding onto The Dark Tower and doing the original justice have sold the script to the studio. You would think that the package would be the deal for after the sale the studio could have taken the script and done anything they wanted with it.

I think perhaps that the rumour is a little blurred and that Goldsman polishing the script and Howard directing was all part of the deal, otherwise Warner Bros. could have taken it away and had anyone rewrite and direct it.

The good news though is that it looks like the first film in The Dark Tower series, perhaps just The Gunslinger story, is going to be made into a film and that lays out a clear path for fans. If we go and see the film, give the studio their precious, even if they are short-sighted, opening three day figures, the chances are that they'll consider the television series that follows and another film. Keep going and they'll keep seeing the profits to keep making the next part.

Of course we're a long way off that yet, and Warner Bros. could still see the new script and baulk at the cost, but if the rumour is true then the project has started again at a new studio, and that's great news.



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