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The Traveller, the Fourth Realm Trilogy, joins the grid

TheTraveller.jpgThe Traveller wasn't a bad book and delivered enough interesting hooks that put it in the back of my mind to read the rest of the series, I never have mind you but over at Warner Bros. they did and that's resulted in a deal to buy the rights and start working on the long road to making them into a trilogy of films.

The books tell the story of two hidden groups of people, one monitoring and manipulating the world and the other trying to free it, the latter also have powers to project themselves into other dimensions but are few and far between. The subtext is about the monitoring and control of humanity by those in charge.

The trilogy of novels - The Traveller, The Dark River and The Golden City, have been rather successful reaching some twenty-five different languages in print and selling over one and a half million copies. However the author really does hold stock in the whole subtext of the stories and remains completely anonymous, hiding themselves behind the pseudonym John Twelve Hawks, Ji2H or JX11H, and using emails and satellite phones to remain untraceable.

For me it's extremely clever marketing and puts the same mystique from the characters in the stories around the author of the book, trying to lend some authenticity to it as the fake story of Blair Witch Project first did. Mind you there might be some real reason why they need to remain anonymous, avoiding tax, dodgy past, who knows.

The novel The Traveller introduces us to the story of a society that has been in constant control of humanity and is using surveillance to keep people in check and the world moving along the path they want it to follow. Meanwhile an almost extinct race called the Travellers has been fighting their control and they have a unique ability with which to help them, the power to project themselves into other dimensions.

There is another group of people who are traditionally protectors of the Travellers, and the novel follows one of the last remaining Travellers, unsure of who he really is, being hunted down by those who want to control society while his protector, also just becoming aware of her own fate, tries to be the first to reach him and save him.

You can read more about the rest of the books on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

So now Deadline reports that Warner Bros. have bought the rights to the novels and plan to turn them into a series of films, well at least they will with The Traveller and the author, who remains anonymous apart from their bank account one would assume, said that they are delighted with the news and praised Warner Bros. for their history of storytelling and their vision for the trilogy on film.

There's no doubt that this could make for a good series of films, and the great news is that it doesn't have to be a teen-friendly series (although you bet it will be), and that it doesn't have to be all action, again though I suspect it will still be action heavy, and with it being set in the current time period the studio should be comfortable with the budget.

This could make a good series, but there are many traps for the series to fall into, and a Bourne style adventure film is just one of them. Let's see if the anonymous author is as happy when the films race towards production because I would assume they will have little involvement in the process if they wish to remain "off the grid".



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