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Total Recall teaser drastically changes from leaked trailer

TotalRecall2012.jpgThe previously leaked trailer we saw for the remake of Total Recall played out with scenes which were very much like the original in what they told but with heavily updated effects and looking a bit tougher and all together more modern.

Now there's a new teaser trailer out, one that teases the upcoming trailer, and it seems to have been crafted not to look anything like the original film, apart from that machine of course.

The leaked trailer which was quickly pulled looked like it was deliberately connecting to the previous film for fans, not that I'm saying the new film is like that, just that they seemed to be playing it up for the audience it was intended for, apparently a convention of science fiction fans. You can still see that trailer online, although you have to leave the country for it and in keeping with Total Recall that's the virtual leave, I have the link for it right here in the previous story as well as my thoughts on the trailer.

This new teaser trailer for Total Recall has really distanced itself from the old one and the old film. Although the connection is still there with the machine, and we would need some form of connection, everything has been updated and modernised, and we're told as such when the cloaking device on our main character fails. No opening heads here, this is all hologram.

Overall the teaser has some promising scenes of CG filled, action packed, science fiction goodness, and it looks promising for the trailer and the rest of the film.

Let's see what you think, here's the new teaser trailer from TrailerAddict, one which won't be getting pulled:



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