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Venom film gets director?

Venom.jpgLast we heard on the possible Venom film, well positively heard anyway, was that Gary Ross was going to write and direct the film, which at the time was an interesting choice as he was about to write Spider-Man 4. Oh how time changes Hollywood rumours.

Well now there's new news and the latest name that is being associated with the project and is said to be negotiating with the studio, or rather vice-versa, is the director of Chronicle.

There's been a long wait for a Venom film and there's been a lot said about the direction of the character, at one point it seemed as though they were going to turn the character into an anti-hero rather than a villain, something I'm not convinced that they've reconciled, hopefully the new attempt at making it will produce something better especially as it looks like we have our darker Spider-Man on the way in The Amazing Spider-Man.

According to the article in L.A. Times through ShockTillYouDrop Jacob Estes wrote a draft of the Venom script that is currently being looked at for a film, and this one does not present Venom as an anti-hero, but the producers of the project are looking for a new writer to deliver a new, fresh script.

You may remember that Venom was created when an alien creature merged with Spider-Man and took on the same powers which it retained when it was forced onto another host, in the Spider-Man films that was played by one Topher Grace.

Obviously there's no idea of who will play Venom as yet, usually we need a writer, script, and director before casting is discussed, but the choice of Josh Trank as director sounds interesting. He delivered well with Chronicle and it would be interesting to see what he could do with a super villain such as Venom.

Of course the hard part is that he is a baddie, and usually we see goodies in the film to balance the story, but here we might just see the creature as the baddie and the host as the goodie, with a constant battle between the two, or it may be the simple story of a guy taken over by the creature and running rampant.

How do you think the Venom story should be played, and is Trank the right choice?



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