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Akerman talks Lovelace film Inferno

MalinAkerman.jpg We've heard a lot about the duelling biographical films to tell the story of Linda Lovelace, the woman who became a famous name through the adult film Deep Throat and moved on to campaign against pornography and tell her terrible story of how she was forced into the industry and the films she starred in and subjected to physical and emotional abuse.

While Inferno was the first to be revealed it seems that Lovelace is the one moving forward, but neither are trailblazing to the cinema and the latest star of Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story has been talking about the troubled production and revealing where it is currently.

Or rather, where it isn't. It would seem that Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, which was originally set to star Anna Faris before being replaced by Lindsay Lohan who was then replaced by Malin Akerman to play the lead of Linda Lovelace, is still struggling to get made and from Akerman's comments it would seem that the rival Lovelace project, starring Amanda Seyfried, isn't suffering the same problems.

In her comments to The Hollywood Reporter it seems that the production isn't going anywhere fast, after all according to her statement the last filming date she heard about some four months ago has passed by. Mind you in January we did hear of some new casting with Matt Dillon, Paz de la Huerta, Sasha Grey and Harold Perrineau. Still, Akerman doesn't sound hopeful:

"I don't know if that's even going to go...Last I heard, which was just before Christmas, we were supposed to start shooting in March, and now it's April. It's been one of those doomed films that I absolutely love and totally believe in, I love the script, I think it's such a well-written script about the behind-the-scenes of a battered woman."

It's also clear from her comment which direction this biographical film will take and that it will be from Linda Lovelace, or Linda Susan Boreman, point of view telling how she met Chuck Traynor and he controlled, abused her both physically and mentally, and forced her into the pornography industry.

After Boreman left the adult industry she wrote two pro-pornography books Inside Linda Lovelace and The Intimate Diary of Linda Lovelace and was arrested for drug possession, a habit that led to her decline from her film career both adult and non-adult. She raised a court case against the production of Deep Throat and Chuck Traynor which was dismissed and never appealed. Later she became an anti-pornography campaigner and was very vocal against the industry and the people she had worked with.

Malin Akerman revealed that she had done some preparation for the role in Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story but had stopped when the production had stuttered before saying that it had been quite intense and difficult, and something she didn't want to do again unless the film was going ahead.

"I don't want to wrap myself up again, and then it's, again, you know it'd be going into a really dark place so I didn't want to go there a million times and then get the plug pulled."

She did admit that the role is a difficult one, not just for her to play, but for her to take on in her career but it did seem as though she was very keen on the script and the chance to play the character.

"It's a big one to take a chance on because it's really some heavy content. So I don't know what's been going on, I don't know why it hasn't gone yet. I would hope and love for it to go, but now this other movie is coming on that Amanda Seyfried did, and I kind of feel like, '...we should have been on that, we should have done it,'"

The way Akerman is talking about Lovelace, the rival biographical film with Seyfried leading, is that it's completed already. It may just be an incorrect use of the word but she does say "done" rather than "doing" for the state of Seyfried's involvement in the film. Has Lovelace beaten Inferno to it already?

It seems a long way from when we first heard that Lindsay Lohan was set to play the star, which I thought was very clever casting at the time and still would have been, nothing against Akerman who is a much better actress, but the controversy surrounding Lohan at the time would have been well suited.

However it does sound as though this production is not going to make it, especially if Lovelace is further ahead in production.



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