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British action film with Status Quo and Fairbrass

CraigFairbrass.jpgNow here's a surprising story, there's going to be a new British action film starring British talent and British music, namely from the legendary group Status Quo. It's not just their music and the two leads of the group that are appearing, Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, Craig Fairbass and Jon Lovitz are set to star.

Bula Quo!, as the film is being called, is written and directed by Stuart St Paul whom Parfitt and Rossi met on the set of Coronation Street, the British soap they guest appeared in.

Stuart St Paul has written and directed a few smaller British films with Luke and Laura Aikman between them appearing in all of his films and Laura set to appear in this latest one. He directed The Scarlet Tunic which starred Simon Callow, Interview with a Dead Man starring Rosanna Arquette and his recent film Freight starred both Aikmans, Billy Murray and Craig Fairbrass.

There's little known about the film other than what the Daily Telegraph through The Hollywood Reporter tells us, that there will be twelve Status Quo songs in it, it's filming in Fuji, and the names involved. I don't hold out a lot of hope for it but the best news is that Craig Fairbrass is starring and he's a good actor, especially in an action film, remember his role in Cliffhanger?

Meanwhile the big man, that's Fairbrass, hasn't been sitting still, he's a busy actor and he's filming a new action film in America this summer called The Outsider which was written and directed by Brian A. Miller who has written and directed a few action films one of which recently starred Fairbrass.

The film will see a British military contractor told that his daughter has died but when he arrives in America to claim her body he discovers it isn't her and he goes on the hunt for his daughter and the people who took her.

I've always wondered why Fairbrass didn't get picked up by Hollywood as he's a strong actor and plays well in action films as well as and in some cases even better than some of the big name action stars we see today. Perhaps this is another step closer for him, although I'm not convinced about the Status Quo film.



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