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Cassel in The Monk trailer

TheMonk.jpgThere's not much to say about the trailer for The Monk starring Vincent Cassel apart from it stars Vincent Cassel and the trailer does show off the glorious look of the film. It's the kind of trailer that sets the tone and the style of a film without telling you too much about it.

It's adapted from the Matthew Lewis gothic novel by Anne-Louise Trividic and Dominik Moll who also directs and it tells the story of a seventeenth century Capucin monk whose sermons draw huge crowds and he is revered for his absolute virtue, until Satan makes a play for his soul.

Playing at the Glasgow Film Festival I was planning on seeing The Monk, but with so much to see you have to relegate some films and the poor Monk was one that was hit. Having never read the original novel I didn't know much about it but those that have were excited about the film, and the choice of leading actor.

So, here's the trailer for The Monk through TrailerAddict. As I say there's not too much that I can say about it other than it looks gorgeous and Vincent Cassel is in the leading role, and surely that's enough for most, it is for me.



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