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Caviezel in Transit trailer

Transit.jpgI have to admit Jim Caviezel's star really faded for me with the terrible Nature's Grave (Long Weekend) (Filmstalker review), although Outlander (Filmstalker review) hadn't really done him any favours, but seeing some of him in the television series Person of Interest has reminded me that he does have something to offer.

I wonder if he's going to deliver it in Transit his latest film? The trailer does suggest that he's delivering something more than the gruff, emotionless performance that I feel he's reverted to.

Antonio Negret is directing the film from Michael Gilvary's script which stars Jim Caviezel, Doira Baird, James Frain, Harold Perrineau and the gorgeous Elisabeth Röhm. Here's the plot:

The family camping trip was meant to reunite the Sidwell family. It's not. After being imprisoned for tax evasion, Nate Sidwell has lost the respect of his wife and his children. Then when he suspects their truck is being followed, he gets arrested for aggressive driving and has to spend a night in jail. Just when it seems the trip cannot get any worse, the Sidwells discover $4,000,000 cash in their luggage rack, and that Nate was wrong. They aren't being followed. They're being hunted - by four ruthless killers, who will stop at nothing to retrieve their millions.

We've seen the story before in films so the question is will this one deliver anything new or at least in a different way? Well the proof is in the trailer for Transit which you can see right here through TrailerAddict:

What do you think then? Is this going to be the average action thriller or is there the opportunity to have something more? It certainly seems that there's plenty of emotional weight for Caviezel to play on as well as plenty of action and thrills in the story itself.



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