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Competing Steve Jobs biography finds lead

SteveJobs.jpgSony has the rights to the authorised biography of Steve Jobs and are busy getting that film off the ground, however in the meantime there's a rival Steve Jobs film that's on the way and it has grabbed the perfect lead for the film, well looks wise anyway, Ashton Kutcher.

The film already has a script and surprisingly will start filming in May, however it's not clear where this script comes from but it would have to be an unauthorised work since Sony has the authorised biography.

This new Steve Jobs film, which looks to be the first of the two to get to our screens, will tell the story of his rise from just a normal guy to being the co-founder of Apple and presumably beyond. This new film is directed by Joshua Michael Stern who wrote and directed Swing Vote and comes from a script by Matt Whiteley.

Recently as the news broke The Daily through Mac Rumours and First Showing talked to the producer of the film Mark Hulme and got some information about the casting of Ashton Kutcher as the lead, an actor who bears an uncanny resemblance to the young Jobs:

"He is already meeting with folks that knew Steve Jobs. He's working with professionals to get inside the voice. He's letting his hair grow out. I understand he's canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects."

Well that is pretty concrete about the casting and Hulme goes on to defend Kutcher as the choice saying that he is a much more intense individual than his roles would suggest. Well he's an actor so it shouldn't matter how intense a person he seems if he can act then he should be able to bring something to the character we haven't seen from his lighter roles before.

Hulme also clears up what the film will be about as the scope of the blurb suggests that his entire life is going to be crammed in there, not so it would seem:

"We decided between 1971, the initial partnership of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, is where we would start and then the bulk of the script remains in the early years of Apple and the recruiting of [former Apple CEO] John Sculley from Pepsi and then of course Jobs' ousting and a smaller portion is his triumph and his return"

He's also sure that the Sony film is going to feature a different part of his life, or at least not just the same part as theirs and might tackle a lot more. He's confident that there is space for both films.

The Sony project, as I previously wrote about already has Aaron Sorkin writing the script, or at least beginning the work, and is based on the authorised biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (Amazon.co.uk
/ Amazon.com
) which Sony bought the rights to, something I find rather ironic.

I've already discussed if a Steve Jobs film would work so I shan't do it again here, suffice to say that the two projects are going ahead and the smaller, unauthorised story looks set to arrive before the bigger, Sony backed and authorised version. This could be an interesting battle for the vast audience of a Steve Jobs biographical film.



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