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Lohan definitely playing Taylor

ElizabethTaylor.jpgWe heard the news that Lindsay Lohan was being considered to play the great Elizabeth Taylor, even if it was in a made for television film, and that news shocked me as considering how great Taylor was, and still is, it is really hard to see Lohan on the same scale of star or actress.

So even more shocking is the news that she has the role and will be playing Elizabeth Taylor in a film about her love affair with Richard Burton, a story which is compelling and moving, but one which I thought would deserve a better airing than titled Liz & Dick and starring Lohan.

Yes, the title of the film is indeed Liz & Dick, a title which does nothing to conjure the couple that we see in pictures and film although perhaps that's the intent here. Maybe the film is supposed to bring down the image of the couple from the outset to get your mindset out of the idea that they were a glamorous and deeply in love sophisticated couple, which if it is then there may be something amiss with the production from the outset.

Of course that hardly matters as the big news is that Lindsay Lohan is set to play Elizabeth Taylor, something that according to the Yahoo News story was conditional on her keeping out of trouble and abiding by the terms of her sentence once again, something she's managed to do...this time.

Lindsay Lohan's official statement said...

"I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well..."

Meanwhile Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President of Programming at Lifetime Networks said that they were thrilled to have her...

"She is one of the rare actresses who possesses the talent, beauty and intrigue to capture the spirit of such a provocative icon."

I agree with Lohan's statement completely, and reading Sharenow's comment I really thought he was talking about Taylor until the closing words. Seriously, he means Lohan?

You can tell I'm not sold on the idea, after all looking on Lohan's career we could pull out Bobby, A Prairie Home Companion (Filmstalker review), and other than that we're looking at Machete down to Herbie Fully Loaded. She's not had a career that screams screen icon, or even whimpers it, and she's more famous for her careering lifestyle outside of the cinema.

So apart from the question of whether she can stay on the production throughout there's the question of if she could pull off playing one of the greatest Hollywood icons of all time, an amazing actress and a very complex woman in an intense and passionate love affair that is still talked about to this day.

I wonder if Taylor would be a little bit disappointed if she heard the news of who was about to play her, I wonder who is up to play Richard Burton? Something I've been wondering since I read this casting news at the start of the year.



Michael Fassbender would make a great Richard Burton, but I would think he'd have the sense to steer well clear of this particular car crash in the making.

That's such a joke. Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor? Not a good choice. They probably chose her because it'll get more press.

That's such a joke. Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor? Not a good choice. They probably chose her because it'll get more press.


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