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Need for Speed the film franchise

NeedforSpeed.jpgIt's strange that there's the possibility of another film franchise based around fast cars and street racing considering that the Fast and Furious franchise has just realised something, to reach a bigger audience and become a larger film it has to be about something more than just fast cars, good looking characters and great sequences as they took the franchise to a heist film with fast cars with Fast and Furious Five or Fast Five (Filmstalker review).

So I wonder what direction a film franchise of Need for Speed would take considering it's a videogame about racing fast cars?

Perhaps there's the idea to fill the gap left by Fast and Furious for the car racing lovers out there and after a few films to turn it into something more to reach a larger audience, following the route that Fast and Furious took, or maybe they're beginning with that model from the beginning, a real story which happens to have fast cars and racing sequences within it?

Right now we don't know because the most we've heard is that the videogame Need for Speed has an adaptation already in the form of a screenplay by George and John Gatins, and that should be interesting considering that John Gatins has written Coach Carter and Real Steel.

The news comes through The Playlist and First Showing and tells us that the screenplay they've written, which I would expect more to be a treatment or a pitch at this stage, is at Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures and Sony for them to review and consider picking up.

Need for Speed is no small videogame though, eighteen games on multiple platforms, but despite that the question remains, hasn't this been done already with four Fast and Furious films?

The question won't be answered though until we find out some direction for the script, is it going to be car racing or will it be a more substantial story with racing through the middle? It has a lot to live up to though, the Fast and Furious has already raced ahead and lapped it a good few times.

The problem will be how much story will there be in the film? In the one minute forty-one second trailer for the game there's about twenty seconds worth.



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