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New Watergate documentary examines ongoing effects

AllThePresidentsMen.jpgRobert Redford is producing and voicing a new documentary about the Watergate scandal some thirty-six years after he starred with Dustin Hoffman in the still excellent film All the Presidents Men, a fictionalised version of the investigation into the events by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

This documentary doesn't sound as though it will be the complete investigation of the events of Watergate so much as a look at the evolution of politics and media since the scandal that had such an impact on both areas.

The film called All the Presidents Men Revisited is a two hour television documentary that looks at the events of Watergate, the effect it had on Richard Nixon's presidency and the effect it then had on the media and politics in the forty years since. The story comes through the N.Y. Times and the BBC.

I'm sure it will be an interesting documentary I'm sure but I wonder how important modern audiences will feel it is, after all this happened in the early seventies and the idea that it could get a leader of a country to resign over it now seems nonsense, after all our politicians are committing crimes, lying daily, doing anything they can to keep their job; try and get higher up in their party; get the party that's leading out of power; get their party in power, and then, oh yes and only then, there's something about doing something for the people and keeping their vote at whatever cost down the road. (Please note I am talking about both leading political parties in the UK and not singling out one.)

When this is the type of behaviour and the order of motivation of a politician, and the ones in power, I wonder how shattering and impactful audiences will feel about the Watergate scandal these days, and there will be a large section of the audience who don't yet know what Watergate is and how it caused the President of the United States of America to resign - no it wasn't just the events of Frost/Nixon (Filmstalker review) that did it.

Of course it will be interesting to see Watergate viewed as an event that changed the way politics worked and the media worked, or didn't work, with them, but I think I'd like to see how politicians behave now compared with Watergate and how we, including the media react to them. Maybe this documentary will deliver that, maybe it's another Watergate related documentary to come.



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