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Oldboy villain news and characters

Oldboy.jpgIn some recent news about the casting for the Hollywood remake of Oldboy come some small details about the changes for the film, mainly what roles the main characters are and so far it's all still pointing to a very similar story.

Of course I don't expect us to find out its radically different, but I'm curious to find out where it will differ. Plus there's the news about who's in negotiations to play the bad guy.

The story is really who is in the running for the new Oldboy film, so let me cover that. We know that Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen are already in the film and that Colin Firth isn't going to be the villain, which is a shame in my book, so who is this mysterious man who is up for the role?

Well it's more than negotiations as Variety tells us that Sharlto Copley has been offered the role of villain of the film, a role which sounds very exciting to play especially since Spike Lee is directing the remake.

However that's not the most interesting news from the article, it comes in the closing paragraph when we hear what roles the actors are playing. It does tell us that the plot remains the same as the original Oldboy (Filmstalker review):

...stars Brolin as a man who is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years for unknown reasons. When inexplicably released, he sets out to find out who held him hostage and why.

Sharlto Copley would play the villain who is a mysterious billionaire who wants to destroy the life of the character played by Josh Brolin, while Elizabeth Olsen is playing a caseworker who is helping Brolin's character investigate his past.

It all sounds very familiar, although the female is slightly different to the one we might have expected, and yet we know that this new Oldboy is not only going to have to be different to the original but is going back to the original comic books that inspired Chan-wook Park's film, except the differences aren't really here to be found.

I wonder if it's all going to come down to the closing stages of the story and the rest will remain very close to the original film? Right now there's still a lot of mystery surrounding it.



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