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Skyfall rumours suggests big surprise

Skyfall.jpgUnlike the site that I found the story through I'm not going to plaster the huge spoiler through the title, instead I'm going to give you the chance to turn away from the rumour before you find out what it could be, I'd rather forego the search engine ranking rise to protect people from having a big spoiler revealed about the new James Bond film.

Of course this could just be rumour drummed up to get publicity, after all while it might have connections with the plot of the film that we've heard so far, this is an alleged comment from a member of the production staff from filming, and that could be anyone.

So I've done the usual warnings it's time to give you the opportunity to turn away from this rumour that could potentially be a big spoiler for the new James Bond film Skyfall. I'll do some background before I get to the main bit.

We've heard that this story will see Bond's history attacked, his family home will be pulled into it so perhaps his own family, and MI6 is to be attacked at one point, and that there is a new government agent in the film who will be played by Ralph Fiennes.

Now, you're all ready for this? Well let me begin. The site Best for Film heard a comment from a member of the crew of the film that a major character is to die and Fiennes would be their replacement. Putting all the information together you'll be right on track already.

The crew member, who they claim is a "fairly iron-clad source" told the site that:

"We've just filmed M's death scene. Judi Dench is leaving the franchise."

They do say they don't like gossip sniffing but gossip and rumour is what it is right now so do tread lightly, mind you sites like The Guardian have picked up on their scoop as well and so it's definitely gaining traction. Could it be true?

Well the indicators are there. You could say that Dame Judi Dench is getting on in years, you could talk about her eye disease and you could cite original stories that suggest an assassination attempt on M as well as the plot reveal that an MI6 attack is coming. All these things could point to it, but then again they may not.

Dench is a fantastic actress, she's been dealing with her eye condition for some time and she's managing to deliver the roles with style and bags of talent seemingly without much effort, plus she's the first female M character, it does seem a shame to be kicking her out so soon.

The problem I would find with Fiennes as M is that he's young and rather good looking, almost competition for Bond himself. The dynamics with his boss will be gone, of course they've changed drastically with a female M but a competing alpha male might not work so well.

Mind you these are origin stories and at some point you would think they would have to get to the situation where we are with the previous Bond characters and maybe that does involve replacing M so soon. Yet it is so soon and Dench is fantastic.

I hope it isn't true.



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