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The Mummy franchise rebooting

TheMummyKarloff.jpgDoes The Mummy franchise really need to be forgotten and restarted? The answer is no as there were three films of which two were really good entertainment and one that clearly just, well, lost the plot.

However with the announcement of a writer on the project a little has leaked out about the intentions for the reboot and it appears that it's not just going back to the first film and making a new version with new actors to try and make new money, oh no.

There's nothing wrong with the original Mummy franchise, the first two films are solid entertainment, plenty of laughs and action with two strong leads who carry the films well and are great together, for me it's the third film that loses a lot of that with too many characters, too big a scale, and of course the recasting of the female lead.

Now I want to make clear that the choice of actress for the female lead isn't bad at all, in fact it's an excellent choice as I think Maria Bello is a superb actress who doesn't get the credit she deserves, but the fact the role was recast was a tough one to get over and with the whole story moving to China it just didn't work for me and it lost a lot of what was great about it.

The writer for The Mummy franchise reboot reveals something interesting though, perhaps it's not this franchise he's talking about.

The 1932 The Mummy was kind of remade in the 1940 film The Mummy's Hand, not only that but the film also featured footage from the original 1932 film. The 1940 film had three sequels, The Mummy's Tomb in 1942, The Mummy's Ghost in 1944 and The Mummy's Curse in 1944.

It doesn't end there though. In 1959 Hammer made The Mummy, which is based more on the 1940's film and its sequel, and despite making three other Mummy films with The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964), The Mummy's Shroud (1966) and Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971), they are unrelated to each other so they aren't really a franchise.

Confused? Well I was until I read the Wikipedia article and it all started to make a little more sense.

So when Variety through Collider have the story that Jon Spaihts is set to write the reboot of the franchise and he says:

"I see it as the sort of opportunity I had with Prometheus: to go back to a franchise's roots in dark, scary source material, and simultaneously open it up to an epic scale we haven't seen before."

I wonder which franchise he's talking about. The recent Mummy franchise seems to have been delivered in a rather epic way and faded with the last film which tried to be even more epic than the first two, and when he's talking source material, surely he's talking about the Mummy films that inspired everything that came before it?

Is he going back to these original Mummy films, the original Mummy franchise? Sounds like he might be and that's a good thing. It's also clear that we won't be getting something in the style of the three most recent Mummy films since Spaihts was co-writer on Prometheus and wrote the screenplay for The Darkest Hour.



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