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Collaborator trailer looks interesting

Collaborator.jpgHere's another trailer I just happened upon and because it had the name of David Morse, a cracking actor whom I first began to like through St. Elsewhere but have been blown away by his roles in his later career, and not much else. Of course I didn't notice that it had Olivia Williams in it, nor what the plot was, but the trailer has me seriously interested.

The biggest reason is that Collaborator looks like it could be a great vehicle for David Morse to really showcase his talent, after all for the most part it looks to me Martin Donovan and David Morse locked in a house.

The film is written and directed by Martin Donovan who also stars, so it's a hell of an undertaking for an actor, but then not for someone who is talented across all these three strands and not if you have someone like David Morse to lead.

Collaborator sees Donovan playing a playwright on the verge of a personal and career collapse, struggling to find what to do next with his life, heading home to his mother. There he meets up again with his former neighbour and they have a few beers and a catch up together, which perhaps in hindsight was not his greatest choice.

His neighbour, played by Morse, is a right-wing, ex-convict who is prone to violent outbursts and while they share a beer it turns out that the police are after him for a recent violent crime. Suddenly the playwright is the centre of his own drama as he is taken hostage at gunpoint by his neighbour who begins to open up to him and tell him about his life.

The trailer looks really interesting and suggests one of these strong character pieces, especially since the location is nailed down and the two actors are so strong. It also ties in a relationship with an ex-girlfriend played by Olivia Williams and the rest of the characters seem few and far between.

Here's the official blurb for Collaborator:

Robert Longfellow (Martin Donovan) is a famous playwright who can't seem to catch a break. His recent Broadway play was met with horrible reviews and an early cancellation, and his marriage is being tested as an old flame (Olivia Williams) has reentered his life during a particular moment of weakness. Retreating back to his childhood home to visit his mother (Katherine Helmond), Robert crosses paths with his childhood neighbor, Gus (David Morse). A right-wing, ex-con who still lives at home with his mother, Gus is Robert's polar opposite in every possible way. When Gus holds Robert hostage at gunpoint during a drunken reunion gone terribly wrong, the drama unfolds as social status, celebrity and the imminent threat of violence converge, building up to a climax that will leave both men forever changed.

I'm sold on the David Morse part, but it does interest me what Donovan has written and directed, particularly as it's being sold as a comedy and drama. Have a look at the trailer below through TrailerAddict:



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