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Everett leads Wilde film

RupertEverett.jpg Rupert Everett is set to write, direct and lead his biographical film about the great writer Oscar Wilde entitled The Happy Prince. The film is something he's talked about for some time, and way back in October 2006 he was talking about his desire to make the film.

Finally it looks like he's received his wish and has gained a great cast to back him up.

While Rupert Everett will be playing the leading role of Oscar Wilde he's managed to gain Colin Firth to play his friend Reginald Turner along with Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson and Edward Fox.

Back in 2006 Everett said:

"I want to make a film about him from the time he came out of prison until his death. Every film made about him has taken him through the Cafe Royale days to his trial, but his trial, to me, is the most revealing time of his life...After his release, Wilde travels to Napes, Paris and all around Europe. He was the last of the great vagabonds - this syphilitic hobbling man who sat drunk in the corners of nightclubs. I can identify with that,"

It looks like he's gained his wish with the ability to write, direct and lead the film, presumably the way he wants to make the film and away from controlling executives.

The scant information that the BBC have for The Happy Prince tells us that the film is going to be a mixture of the funny and the tragic, sounding as though it will follow much of what Everett had originally intended to include in his film and, hopefully, providing for something great for him and the rest of the cast.



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