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Hendrix film gains lead and estates' blessing?

JimiHendrix.jpgThere's another Jimi Hendrix film underway and this one has a screenplay, a director, a lead, filming locations and a start date, everything that seems to indicate that the film will go ahead, however we've been here before a number of times and then the production fell through because of one key aspect, the music.

The Jimi Hendrix estate has never licensed the music to any of the productions that have been started and so they've all failed at the final hurdle, for without the music what good is a biographical film of a musical legend? So the question is has this production received the rights?

Actually the first question will undoubtedly be who is playing Jimi Hendrix in this new film called All is by My Side? Well let me tell you that it will be André 3000 aka André Benjamin from the band OutKast and from various films including Four Brothers" title="Four Brothers on UK IMDB" target="_blank">Four Brothers, Revolver and Battle in Seattle.

He's been associated with the role for a very long time, sometime back in 2008 he was said to be attached and even commented about the role but it wasn't clear how far along that production was, or if it was the same production as this one we see now for All is by My Side.

What I like about that choice is he's a talented man, a singer, musician and an actor, and he could pull off the role, although I'm not sure how great his guitar playing is. Personally I'd have still liked to have seen someone like Lenny Kravitz take the role.

Word from the article from the Irish Film and Television Network through The Guardian that brings us the news of the Irish locations for All is by My Side is that the production has already had a dispute with the Hendrix estate, yet it isn't clear if it was resolved satisfactorily and that they now have rights to use the music in the film, one would have to assume so if the production is continuing.

The article says that All is by My Side will be directed by the writer of the screenplay John Ridley who also wrote Red Tails, the story for Three Kings, and worked on a fair number of television series. The film will look at the time from Jimi Hendrix's breakthrough in 1966 and will only follow his life and career during the initial stages and the first album Are You Experienced.

It sounds like it is the furthest along Jimi Hendrix biographical film to date, but then with such a small slice of his life to focus on I wonder if there can be much to gleam from this other than the beginning of his rise to fame. This is perhaps a reason why the estate might allow the music to be used for the film, if none of the negativity of his life is shown and we see the rise but not the turbulence or the landing.

The all important question now though is, have they the rights to his music?



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