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Ill Manors trailer, Plan B directs

BenDrew.jpgWhat? Did I hear that right? Plan B aka Ben Drew has just had major success as a singer and songwriter and has now appeared in just five films with his second leading role being alongside Ray Winstone, Damian Lewis, Hayley Atwell and Steven Mackintosh in The Sweeney, has just written and directed a film?

The answer is yes, and the film is called Ill Manors. The film is currently in post-production and scheduled for a release in June and stars Riz Ahmed, Natalie Press and Dannielle Brent, and the first trailer is here.

I have to say up front that the trailer doesn't sell the story well, in fact it doesn't sell much of a story and is a collection of scenes but those scenes do suggest a film that is powerful and hard hitting and will be very British.

The blurb for Ill Manors is short so far, but it goes something like this:

The directorial debut of Ben Drew (aka Plan B) sees the lives of six people - including well-meaning, but ill-fated Aaron (Riz Ahmed) and young immigrant Katya (Nathalie Press) - interwoven with new music from the critically acclaimed rapper.

That's what The Guardian had to say about it as they brought along the new trailer for us all to see, and since they don't allow embedding you'll have to head there to see it.

I do think it looks interesting, but on the strength of the trailer alone I might be tempted to let it drift by, so far I'm drawn by Ben Drew writing and directing as well as acting and Riz Ahmed leading the way. If Drew pulls this off he's surely just showing off as to how talented he is, it's sickening isn't it?



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