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Jonah Hill growing up?

JonahHill.jpgThe signs are there, and while Jonah Hill's comedic roles have sometimes touched on a more serious tone it was only really with Moneyball that we realised that Jonah Hill was really an actor as well, and now there are more signs that he's moving away from the comedic roles that he's become known for and acting more and more.

Currently he has True Story in his production line and he's just been tied with the Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, and aligning him with talent like that and the already cast Leonardo DiCaprio is a big leap from films such as 21 Jump Street and Get Him to the Greek (Filmstalker review).

Of course comedic actors do tend to make strong dramatic actors, after all they are playing someone else most of the time in their comedy career, even if it's a career not in film, and Jonah Hill has already shown he has that talent in Moneyball, even if there was still that same character he always plays in there for all to see.

Still, there are two things that show that Hill has turned to the serious side of Hollywood, first the huge image change. While I hate that Hollywood is so focussed on image to the point of negativity particularly of people's health, it's clear that Hill has undergone a huge image change, just look at his IMDB picture to see what I mean, he looks more Hollywood, more of a serious actor and less of the comedian that his own previous image was associated with. Gone is the hairstyle, the weight is lost, the photo professional and the gaze slightly troubled and much more serious.

Mind you he still has some five comedic roles in films running in various states of production but he has two that aren't, and the latest is a big one.

True Story is in pre-production and sees him playing the true life character of Michael Finkel, a journalist who was sacked from The New York Times after he falsified some facts in a story and while sitting at home wondering what to do next he found out that a murder suspect who was on the run had stolen his identity.

He wrote a book about the man who used his identity and his own decisions to lie in his article, and the third more compelling story of the book, that of the relationship that developed between the murderer and journalist through the course of their meetings and interviews, something which itself was filled with deceit and ulterior motives.

In that film Hill is starring with James Franco who plays the murderer Christian Longo, however the next film is even a step up from that.

According to an article in Deadline Jonah Hill has joined the cast of The Wolf of Wall Street alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is Martin Scorsese's adaptation of the memoir of Jordan Belfort which tells the story of his rise and fall through Wall Street and has DiCaprio as the leading man with Hill playing his business partner.

It certainly is clear that Jonah Hill is changing, and with the appearance of a few more dramatic roles it looks like that is the direction he's heading in, mind you he's still keeping a very firm foot in the comedic ring, but starring in a Scorsese film is indeed a huge break and if he's making all these changes to get move more into dramatic acting than comedy, this is a film to make his mark.



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