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Loch Ness Monster horror thriller?

Nessie.jpgThere's an announcement about a new film that has appeared online revealing the next project of the director of The Woman in Black and the writer and director of Eden Lake is set to tackle for his next project. The film sounds like it will be a horror thriller and will look to an ancient Scottish myth, the Loch Ness Monster.

The creature has been in its fair share of films (see Wikipedia) but for films in the horror genre and where it is the main focus of the film are few and far between and range from 1934 to 2008 and perhaps the most widely known film about the creature is the 1996 film Loch Ness starring Ted Danson.

The poor creature never gets left alone, never gets found and never gets a decent film outing, so perhaps The Loch is it?

James Watkins is writing a script about the creature along with Simon Duric whom he has worked with before on a number of his films as Duric has had a strong career as a storyboard artist, something which seems it would lead well into writing and directing, and that's just what he'll be doing.

Watkins and Duric are writing but Duric is set to direct the film which the press release through Screen Daily and ShockTillYouDrop suggests will be a horror thriller. It will be the first film that the production company Altitude Film Entertainment will develop.

"The first film under that joint company will be The Loch, a new take on the Loch Ness Monster myth. Watkins is currently writing with Simon Duric, who will direct."

The man behind the production company, Will Clarke, said something about Watkins involvement on the project that suggests the direction of the film:

"He's not just in the horror genre, he's got an intelligent approach to narrative and he's very commercial minded in terms of the way he tells stories as a screenwriter and also as a director, and now as a producer."

Now to me that sounds like The Loch is going to be a horror thriller, that is unless we're up for a complete surprise as looking at Duric's career he has a varied list of genres. However my money's on horror and with the strong writing of Watkins we're looking at something with a strong thriller element.

Could this be a decently scary outing for the monster?



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