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Magnificent Seven remake gains Cruise?

TheMagnificentSeven.jpgMore news of remakes and whenever I express my surprise that the remakes have edged closer and closer to the seemingly untouchable classics along comes another story about a remake that blows all that out of the water, and here we go again with news of a remake of The Magnificent Seven and from the undisputed remake champion, MGM.

Now I know a lot of you will be turning off at this point not believing this rubbish and wondering why they're bothering but hold on a minute, let's think about the first name mentioned with the project and where this could go.

The Magnificent Seven - and no I'm not going to say it, it's so well know and it's not a trumpet blowing statement - is a classic film that carries a number of great actors of the time, directed by John Sturges with Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Eli Wallach and Brad Dexter it was crammed to the gunnels with charisma and on screen charm with McQueen and Brynner leading the way.

It's a great film and the fantastic cast makes it, so why remake it? Well there's no reason to as it is so good, but as I thought about this story during the day the more I thought there was something that could come out of this.

Variety through First Showing have the news that Tom Cruise has apparently let his name be associated with the remake, a remake that currently has no writer or director.

Now that might sound strange initially because why would an actor do that if they didn't know how the project was going to turn out? Well he could be producing, it might be a false rumour, or it might be something else. Maybe he knows what direction the remake is headed.

Think about that original and the amazing cast of cinematic and enigmatic names, and imagine a modern day cast to stand up against it. Think of huge cinematic actors like Tom Cruise lined up as The Magnificent Seven, throw away any idea of a silly comedy version of it and make a modern style, gritty western on the story.

Think the style and feel of Unforgiven with the story of The Magnificent Seven and a huge cast of stars. Suddenly I'm interested. Is that why Cruise is too?

MGM are remaking films right left and centre at the moment, after all they have to make money somewhere and recover from the situation they were in. So they have Poltergeist, WarGames, Carrie, RoboCop and now The Magnificent Seven on the go, will it stop there? Probably not, but what we've heard for the intent of some of these films and the talent involved suggests that they aren't going for the quick buck style of remake and that they really are trying to deliver something worthwhile.

Is The Magnificent Seven going to be one of them?



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