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New Transit trailer works?

Transit.jpgThere's a new trailer arrived for the film Transit starring Jim Caviezel, James Frain, Elisabeth Rohm, Harold Perrineau, Diora Baird and Sterling Knight from writer Michael Gilvary and director Antonio Negret. While the first trailer didn't really impress me that much this second trailer builds the story, action and tension well and has a nice audio track over the top.

This trailer could have me thinking that it's a film to go and watch.

The story for Transit goes like this:

The family camping trip was meant to reunite the Sidwell family. It's not. After being imprisoned for tax evasion, Nate Sidwell has lost the respect of his wife and his children. Then when he suspects their truck is being followed, he gets arrested for aggressive driving and has to spend a night in jail. Just when it seems the trip cannot get any worse, the Sidwells discover $4,000,000 cash in their luggage rack, and that Nate was wrong. They aren't being followed. They're being hunted--by four ruthless killers, who will stop at nothing to retrieve their millions.

While the previous trailer didn't really inspire me this trailer grabs you and drags you along with the story at a fair pace, although it might be guilty of showing you snapshots of just about everything, most of it is too quick to really settle in your head so there doesn't seem like there are any spoilers, just plenty of shots.

Transit didn't really set the box office on fire but perhaps it might enjoy a new lease of life through digital and disc, but I can't help wondering why they didn't release a trailer like this for the cinematic release and maybe give a little extra push to the marketing on release. Of course it didn't help that the American release was limited.

The new trailer is over at Apple Trailers and might be worth a look as a strong action thriller with an interesting cast.



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