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Perfect casting? Cruise and Downey in El Presidente

TomCruise.jpgNow the first thing I need to say is that these roles haven't been cast yet but if they are, or hopefully when they are, it's going to be a stroke of genius as the two actors will be playing to some career strengths and some personal experiences as well as playing off of each other which could provide for some excellent chemistry and on screen banter.

However, and here's where I start the warnings, the film is a long way off with a director in discussions and a rewrite of the script on the horizon for the studio, so right now it seems the roles haven't even been officially offered.

Still, there is a lot of hope for the offers to be made, and the idea of Tom Cruise playing off of Robert Downey Jr. and vice versa is an exciting one, especially when you hear what the roles are.

The film would see an overzealous Secret Service agent who has problems with separating his work and life reassigned to protecting a former President, a much less onerous task for him especially when the President he is protecting is regarded as the worst President there has been and is not much more than a bumbling sleaze.

Throw into that relationships the plot driver of an assassination threat and the agent having to take the President and go on the run and you have a forced relationship that is going to provide for lots of great moments on screen.

What's more is that according to Vulture through First Showing, Jay Roach is in negotiations to direct and he recently delivered Game Change, Recount, Austin Powers and the Fockers family and will be directing The Campaign comedy. The script comes from Dan Goor who wrote Parks and Recreation and according to the article the studio are looking to have another attempt at it, perhaps to up the level for these two huge stars and tailor the roles for them.

Basically this could be like Tony Stark and Ethan Hunt on screen, although with Stark far less charming and much sleazier and Hunt not so successful. Those two characters could provide for a parody in themselves, but it could also deliver something special.

I'm rather excited about the two as I think of a great on screen relationship like the one in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Filmstalker review) pulled into an action comedy like Knight and Day (Filmstalker review), but then I think I might be aiming too high.



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