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Richard Burton cast in Liz & Dick

Taylor-Burton.jpgI think this may be the second last story I write about the Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor film for numerous reasons but the main one being is that it's just not shaping up to be a good film. It's a television film for the American company Lifetime and it's called Liz & Dick, if that wasn't enough for you it's starring the self-destroyed Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor with some attempt being made at comparisons of talent.

However I can see me writing about a trailer, if one arrives, and I'm definitely writing about who has been cast as Richard Burton, after all he's one of the great faces of screen, a Hollywood icon, he was a great stage actor and carried an amazing presence, and I'm named after him.

The man who has been chosen to play the legendary Richard Burton is Grant Bowler, an actor you will recognise from many roles but doesn't capture the essence of Burton for me, but then that's why they call them actors, perhaps he's going to surprise me.

Or maybe he won't and it won't be his fault. After all this is an American television channel biographical film of two great Hollywood icons, huge talents who could well be said to be the beginning of the fascination with celebrity, and who carried a love for each other that seemed to be far too intense for either of them to live with or without.

Theirs is a great story but I wonder if this is going to be the right medium for it, and nothing more than the title screams that this is wrong, Liz & Dick.

Add to that the fact that they've cast the repeat offender Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, an actress that even got bumped from a film about an adult film star and you can see that we're not talking high brow stuff here.

Mind you, maybe I should be a little more understanding, it's written by fellow Welshman Christopher Monger who also wrote and directed The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, so maybe, just maybe.

Regardless I'll post the trailer when it arrives and then I'm done with it, this news from Deadline hasn't done anything to bolster the potential of the film for me, although at least they have someone who can act in a leading role.



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