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Sequels and reboots officially announced

FilmCamera.jpgThere are way more sequels and reboots announced than the few I'm mentioning here but these are the ones that I find interesting because they have either been announced before the first film has been released or that they are just some interesting choices, even though we might have heard the rumours.

Rather than tease it out for you let me just tell you up front that they are Snow White and the Huntsman; Daredevil; Pontypool; Kick-Ass 2; The Mummy; Van Helsing, and Avengers Assemble.

The first sequel was piece of news was at the end of April, well before the release date of the first film, and was a sequel to the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. Already the film is looking strong, despite that Scottish accent, as it carries a bold look and portrays a darker action adventure of the story we've become very used to. I think this could do well, but a sequel? I'm curious as to how a sequel would work, although we have to see the first film I would have thought it would be pretty cut and dried, unless the evil Queen returns to try it all again.

The Deadline story tells us that Universal Pictures is in talks with David Koepp to write the sequel and their rumour is that the studio wants to push it forward so that Rupert Sanders can also direct the sequel before he's snapped up for other projects. All this sounds rather quick.

This is by far the most exciting news for me, and that's the one of a new Daredevil film. What's great about Daredevil is that there's already a reboot storyline sitting there waiting, Born Again is the comic story from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli which tells the story of the Kingpin dismantling everything about the life of the man behind Daredevil, Matt Murdoch, and leaving him a broken shell of a man. From here he finds the fire to build himself up again and fight once more. It's a great story, although it does get a little too comic book near the end it would make a great reboot story for the character who, let's face it, really needs it.

The story from Deadline at the end of April was 20th Century Fox had David James Kelly ready to write the script with David Slade to direct. When we first heard about the possibility of a Born Again Daredevil film it was the middle of last year and Brad Celeb Kane was writing the script for Slade.

By the way from the same story comes the reminder that Josh Trank is working on a reboot of the Fantastic Four, another film that wasn't fantastically handled to begin with although to be fair it was far better than the Daredevil film we saw. I'm thinking there's potential in both, especially as we see the quality of superhero films rising all around us.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who are a cracking writing duo, announced a new deal with Universal at the start of this month which comes through Deadline and includes a re-imagining of The Mummy and Van Helsing starring Tom Cruise. We'd heard these rumoured before but they do seem to be happening with the two films announced as the team's first films through this new deal with Universal.

Surprisingly I'm happy for The Mummy to be restarted, especially as the word was the new film would be using the older Mummy films as inspiration, not the recent franchise, and that suggests films that could be darker and a little harder. With Van Helsing I'm not so sure, it was a fun film but again it has potential to be better, again will they just take this darker?

Pontypool (Filmstalker review) was a great film and in an announcement of films that are looking for production investment at the Fantasia International Film Festival that comes through Quiet Earth there's a little gem to be found:

PONTYPOOL CHANGES (Canada) Director: Bruce McDonald / Writer: Tony Burgess / Producer: Ambrose Roche (Shadow Shows) Synopsis coming.

Now there's no word of what that synopsis is but Quiet Earth suggest it could be based on the book by Tony Burgess (Amazon.co.uk
/ Amazon.com) which goes in a different direction from the film, while the film concentrates on the events overtaking Pontypool as heard and seen from the inside of a radio studio the book blurb suggests that while it still takes a personal view of the events of a rising epidemic it might present it from the view of people on the outside in the midst of the outbreak. Interestingly Bruce McDonald and Tony Burgess are down to direct and write respectively, as they did on the first film.

Kick-Ass 2 has been talked about a lot but Deadline revealed that Universal are in talks to begin the production with Jeff Wadlow directing. Wadlow wrote the script originally for Matthew Vaughn to direct but he's going to be a little busy with the next X-Men film. The next hurdle for the studio is to negotiate new deals with the stars of the first film, starts who are slightly brighter than they were before, and possibly more expensive. Will it happen and will it be as strong as the first?

Is it any surprise that The Avengers/Avengers Assemble would gain a sequel? Not really, except for the budget of course. The story that the sequel has been given the go ahead by Disney comes through The Hollywood Reporter and The Guardian, but bear in mind that a new Thor (Filmstalker review), Iron Man (Filmstalker review) and Captain America are due out before then, and those are a lot of films, a lot of expense and a lot of Disney marketing before we get to a new Avengers film. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a new Hulk film too, although not a reboot like The Incredible Hulk (Filmstalker review) but one to embrace the new Hulk.

While we're on it The Amazing Spider-Man has a sequel already in the works and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are also writing that script based on James Vanderbilt's first draft, another film we haven't seen yet and the sequel is already on the production line. The Variety article has a lot of back slapping quotes, but the real test for the studio will be how much money they are left with after those three important first days - important for them, not for us.

Following on the same vein of sequels being talked about and never made, here's an older story from last month that I've been hoarding, Sin City 2 looks like it's finally getting made. According to MTV through JoBlo Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has officially received the green light and both Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson have been confirmed by Robert Rodriguez as joining the production.

The Hollywood Reporter has more news and tells us that Rodriguez and Frank Miller will co-direct with Miller and William Monahan co-writing the screenplay. Through this article Dimension say that they expect many cast members to return, that sounds like much more than just the two names so far and that would fit with the original story which sees Clive Owen's character back too.



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