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The Amazing Spider-Man trailer is rather amazing

TheAmazingSpiderMan.jpgI have to admit to being rather amazed at the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer, it looks pretty fantastic and really does prop up the storytelling elements of the film bringing not only a visual darkness but a plot one as well, one that does seem to carry a fair bit of weight for the film.

That said there's plenty of action there as well and it does look great, although I have concerns. I've been reading that this has really been made for 3D and looking at the trailer I have to agree, and that's where I have a problem.

It's not that I have a "I hate 3D" instant reaction to it, it's that I've just noticed that watching the trailer in 2D everything is just so much closer to the screen, or it's heading towards the screen at least, especially in the action sequences.

I wonder if watching this in 2D will actually detract from the film? So far all the 3D films I've watched in 2D have been just fine and I haven't felt I've been missing anything, but I wonder if with The Amazing Spider-Man I'll feel as though I am missing something? With all the characters so close and there being plenty of movement to or from the camera, will I feel like I'm supposed to be watching in 3D more than enjoying the film in 2D?

Anyway, to the trailer for the reboot of Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, there's a lot more concentration on what is happening in the story, building the dramatic, but at the same time there is plenty of action to grab those that need constant movement.

It looks a strong trailer, a fun trailer, and the question is will it sell you on the film in 3D? Here is the trailer which is over at Apple Trailers and the YouTube version comes through Deadline:

It certainly looks like Marc Webb has done an astounding job with the new Spider-Man and of course that's been helped along by the screenplay from Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves.



I have the same apprehensions about the 3D toll on the action scenes but that could be due to the editing for the trailer. What I can say I already don't like is that they made the story about Peter Parker trying to unfold the mystery behind his parent's death... Or at least that is what the trailer(s) would have me believe...

I have no problem with directors/writers taking liberties with the source material but the motivation for Spider-Man was about his uncle's death and the now famous words that will haunt him to his grave: "With great power comes great responsibility."

I love the humour though, the knife scene... That was spot-on and had me laugh out loud!

I respectfully disagree. The CGI looks as bad as it did in Rami’s original film, I don’t want yet another origin story, I hate the whole high school kid vibe, and the story just feels flat. When this trailer aired during opening night of The Avengers it was met with dead silence.

I think people are confused about why there is another origin film about Spider-Man, or Spider-Teen, after all the average member of the public has no real idea about the reboot until they see the trailer.

I agree the CG looks far too polished and clean, it's not as realistic as we'd like to see, but I wonder if we're going to notice it much with the action flying back and forth from the camera and most seeing it in 3D.

I'm sure, like Raimi's series, once the money comes in the next film will have better effects.

However I go back to the first paragraph, the audience will probably be utterly confused at the need for a reboot so soon after Spider-Man was just brought to the screen, it might not attract the audience they want.


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