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2 Days in New York trailer looks good

2DaysinNewYork.jpgI never really fancied Julie Delpy's 2 Days in Paris but this trailer for her latest 2 Days in New York has something that catches my interest and it's more than the restrained Chris Rock.

Julie Delpy once again writes and directs the film in which she also stars, boy is she talented, and she's not the only one in her family as Albert Delpy, her father, also appears. That's not all though, there's Rock, Daniel Brühl, Dylan Baker, Kate Burton, and more.

Here's the official blurb for 2 Days in New York:

2 Days in New York is a follow up to 2 Days in Paris. In the film, Marion has broken up with Jack and now lives in New York with their child. A visit from her family, the different cultural background of her new boyfriend, her sister's ex-boyfriend, and her upcoming photo exhibition make for an explosive mix.

The trailer through TrailerAddict actually looks rather good and the clash of cultures of the French and the Americans looks like it could provide for some amusing circumstances. I love Julie Delpy's timing in one of the scenes in the trailer and throughout I really like Chris Rock, pulling himself back from his comic performances and delivering a real person.

Could 2 Days in New York attract a wider audience and call out for another film?



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