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Bad Robot to deliver Higgs Boson film

CERN.jpgI'm surprised that the whole story of the CERN particle accelerator and the Higgs Boson particle hasn't given rise to more science fiction and horror films, after all there have been so many wild theories and conspiracy stories around the whole thing that we could have seen plenty on film by now.

J.J. Abrams Bad Robot has just picked up such a film that takes one of the ideas to the extreme, that after running the hadron accelerator the Earth vanishes. Now that's the extreme.

Although the script for has the experiment result in the Earth vanishing this isn't the end of the story, after all you might be thinking what could happen next, either no one exists anymore or we're somewhere entirely different - now there's an interesting thought - however it's neither of those because the story isn't set on Earth.

The story for God Particle follows a group of astronauts aboard an American space station which was orbiting the Earth until it just disappeared. Panic ensues as, presumably, the space station is now drifting aimlessly and no longer in the orbit of the Earth, presumably being pulled away by either the moon or more likely the sun.

However they aren't the only object that was orbiting the Earth and pretty soon, amongst everything else, they see a European spacecraft and they have to decide whether or not to reach out to the uncertainty of what the ship brings.

Sounds and interesting story, and according to the article in Vulture through Quiet Earth Orien Uzel has delivered the script, he's previously written the script for Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and is connected with a new Mortal Kombat film, if that ever happens.

Apparently God Particle will carry a relatively small budget of US $5 million which seems possible considering the film will be on two spacecraft so that we'll probably be inside confined locations for the most part of the film although there will be a requirement for a good deal of CG for everything external. Oh and more importantly J.J. Abrams will not be directing, his company are just producing.

The idea sounds a good one, but that's just in the set-up of the story, after the instigating event it could be any other disaster or end of the world story. I wonder what's different here? Does the story grab your interest at all?



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