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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day Three

EIFF.pngThis was my first full day at the festival, although that was supposed to be Tuesday but I forgot a late afternoon film, and it was also the first full day with pouring rain, and when I say pouring I really mean it was throwing buckets down.

Today was planned to be a mixed day with the odd but funny Swedish film Flicker, a Jo Nesbo adaptation, something from the Videotheque and finally a film about roller derby, and why not? All that sounds rather exciting doesn’t it?

I thought so. The only downside was the rain. Edinburgh decided to make its home to rain as well as the Film Festival today and what made it worse was that I was due to be in the four different cinemas of the festival, if you include the Videotheque.

I got wet. Very wet, and with a cold I’ve not been a happy bunny. Just as well then the films have made up for it.

First up was Flicker (Flimmer) at the Filmhouse and not enough time for a morning coffee stop so it was straight there. I did stop by to find the Videotheque and try and book some space but it wasn’t open yet.

Let me address what the Videotheque is. It’s where the films showing at the festival are also digitised and streamed on demand to a number of private booths where members of the industry and the press can watch them. It’s a great facility because there is no way you can make all the screenings that you want to see so if you just pop in for a couple of sessions you can see a good few films.

The surprising thing is though that not all the films are on there, and so it makes it harder for press not to see the film and it makes the film available to less reviewers. You’d think that was a bad thing and they would want as many press to see it as possible, but still there are a great number of films that don’t appear on this list and don’t come with screeners.

Anyway, it was closed so it was off to the screening of Flicker where I was distracted by someone using their Lumia Windows Mobile, it looked rather smooth and well integrated what I saw of it. Flicker was rather good too. It was a fun film which gathered some good laughs from the audience and plenty of sniggers, but at the same time it had some more weighty issues to address as well. I enjoyed the quirkiness of the characters and their stories, and in some cases I felt I wanted to know more.

After Flicker it was off to a screening in the Cameo of the Jo Nesbo adaptation Jackpot so a quick Costa stop was called for. The film opened well with plenty of style and a really nice sense of humour to it, and it kept going that way. It’s a good thriller too, not as good as Headhunters (Filmstalker Review) but it has more humour than that thriller. Good, enjoyable film.

After a quick Tesco sandwich grabbed in an archway and off to the Videotheque to see which of the films on my top list that I couldn’t get to a press screening for that I could in a private booth. None it turns out, so I took something off of my B list and watched No Man’s Zone, a documentary taken from footage from the no man’s land area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan after the disaster. It had a great concept and write-up but when it came to the film itself it didn’t live up to the blurb.

Final film of the day was over at Cineworld and the rain was pelting down. Striding across there I got utterly soaked. Through my light rain jacket, through my shoes and through my hat, sodden. Never mind the last film of the day was a documentary on roller derby called Leave It on the Track. It was good but initially I had reservations, the picture looks like it’s an eighties VHS recording, but the film was much better than that.

So all in all a good day although I got soaked again on the way home and it looks like I’ll be missing some films I really wanted to see, maybe I can work something out. It’s time for some schedule juggling. In the meantime, here are the quick reviews.

Day Three Quick Reviews:
Flicker (Flimmer): Three Stars
Jackpot: Four Stars
No Man’s Zone: Two Stars
Leave it on the Track: Three Stars

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