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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day Eight

EIFF.pngDay eight, and my final day of screenings at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and to add to it there was only one screening, Brave. I was going to fit in a screening at the Videotheque in the afternoon but I'm just too knackered after too many early mornings and working late last night.

So one screening at Cineworld meant I'd drive down, much handier, and it meant no chance of delays after all I didn't want to miss the new Disney Pixar film Brave.

It was packed outside when I arrived and I headed up when the mumbled announcement was made except it was all rather odd because not everyone was going in and passes were being checked, it didn't click that they were only letting in the publication media before the online media to give everyone else seats.

This was exasperated by the problem that the screening had been moved from the much larger screen 7 to the much smaller screen 6 with no clear reason given and so late in the day too. This was perhaps that the screening for The Lorax was apparently not as well attended, who knows. Regardless I got a seat, was in early and was surrounded by members of offline media. Mind you if they'd known I'd probably have been burnt at the stake, behind me two people commented on how the "green badge" people (that's people like me) were stuck outside while they were already in and they should have spat on them as they passed. Nice.

So, Brave, how was it? Well it was a blend of a Disney traditional fairy tale with the Pixar magic. The animation of facial expressions and hair and in particular the horse was fantastic, and the landscapes were superbly created. Add in a cool voice cast and superb Scottish jokes throughout and the okay Disney story and you have Brave. Typically with this union, like Wall-E (Filmstalker review), it starts all Pixar looking fabulous and then the Disney story kicks in and it's not all you had hoped for.

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