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Filmstalker Film Club Prometheus Special

Microphone.jpgWell we couldn’t not get together and Prometheus could we now? It’s a huge event film, Ridley Scott returning to science fiction and, perhaps or perhaps not returning to the Alien universe. The trailers looked fantastic and Steven, Mark and I were all hugely excited to see it. Well Mark and I were anyway!

It’s amazing then that we came away with views which were rather similar however it was our enjoyment factor of the film that was very different. Here we discuss the film and what we liked and what we didn’t like about Prometheus. The Scott brothers may be paying us a visit.

We all watched Prometheus independently and in different ways, totally unexpectedly I saw it in 2D, Steven in 3D and Mark in 3D IMAX, and we all agreed that it looked fantastic. However that’s all I’m going to give you here, the rest you’ll have to hear from our own mouths as we discuss Prometheus (Filmstalker review).

You can listen to the Filmstalker Film Club Audiocast with the player below, downloading from iTunes or through doubleTwist for your Android by searching for Filmstalker, and on both applications you can subscribe to receive the audiocasts as and when they're posted, here's the RSS feed for the audiocast.

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What did you think of Prometheus (Filmstalker review) and what did you think of our comments on the film? Feel free to have your reply here, on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or anywhere you can get me.



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