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Monsters University teaser

MonstersUniversity.jpgShould there be a Monster's University film? Well that's a moot point really as the film is getting made and with all the characters and voices that we already know and love as well as some new names too.

John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, Ken Jeong, John Ratzenberger, Joel Murray, Kelsey Grammer and Frank Oz are among the names in the latest outing for the monsters which follows Mike and Sully back through their years in the Monsters University.

There's a great cast of voices with the key John Goodman and Billy Crystal returning to the roles of Sully and Mike. Dan Scanlon is directing the Pixar/Disney film and the teaser for Monsters University captures the comedy and timing and brings the characters straight back to life.

The teaser is short but it hits the perfect tone and the right spot, and the joke is superb. Have a look at the teaser which comes through TrailerAddict and see if you'll want to go and see it:



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