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Paul Raymond son's film gains lead

PaulRaymond.jpgThere are two Paul Raymond productions that are being moved towards to a reality, I wrote about one last year which was set to start Steve Coogan in the main role and directed by Michael Winterbottom, but now there's another one that's come to light and its backed by none other than Howard Raymond, Paul Raymond's son.

Not only that but that production has just taken a huge step forward with an actor signed for the leading role, and he's a damn fine one at that.

The adult empire star Paul Raymond opened his first strip club in 1958 calling it Raymond Revuebar. It was cleverly opened as a private club rather than a theatre which allowed him to get round the laws on staged nudity at the time. He continued his adult empire with the magazines of Razzle, Mayfair and Men Only, magazines that are no doubt known to those of a certain age as they courted a lot of controversy and became rather popular.

He was a clever entrepreneur and is perhaps best described as the Hugh Hefner of the UK, although not so much for his huge house and pyjama parties!

It seems that Howard Raymond has been trying to get a film about his father made for some time but the announcement last year of the other Raymond film has seen his project falling behind. That Paul Raymond film came from producer Andrew Eaton starring Steve Coogan as Paul Raymond, directed by Michael Winterbottom and as of the time of writing the original story Matt Greenhalgh was writing the first draft.

Now though Raymond has managed to get his project moving and what better way than with the announcement of the man that is set to play the lead that comes through the Daily Mail and First Showing, for its none other than Tom Hiddleston, you'll just have to think Wallander, War Horse and Thor (Filmstalker review).

Howard Raymond says that they have a script ready to go and that the film will be heading into production next year. It's not clear when the Steve Coogan starring film will be starting production especially as Raymond's lawyers are looking into that production, a film he describes as:

"We call it Carry On Up Old Compton Street...It will be like chalk and cheese"

So it sounds like his will be the serious version and the Coogan starring film is going to be a comedy version, or at least in Howard Raymond's eyes it will be.



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