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Pitch Perfect trailer - Glee the film

PitchPerfect.jpgIt's here, Glee the film has arrived. Oh no, hold on, it's actually Pitch Perfect, but it smells of Glee all over.

The film is about competitive college a cappella singing, i.e. the art of singing a song in a group without any instruments other than the voices of the group themselves, and in the case of the film, a complete recording studio filled with computerised manipulation tools.

No, say it isn't so that I'm a little jaded here? Well it's true. Pitch Perfect hits all the notes that Glee: The Film would have, and there's nothing here that makes me think of a number of films before it, all the story turns and beats are just as we've seen before and would expect to see, there's nothing exciting until the closing line which is rather amusing.

Saying that though the film is the first feature from Jason Moore who directed the Broadway show Avenue Q and plenty of television - is it a surprise that this mirrors Glee so much then? Perhaps just that it's taken so long to come - and it also features Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and John Michael Higgins.

That's an interesting list of names for the film but the question remains, is it bringing anything new other than a soundtrack available from all stores in all formats?

Here's the trailer that comes through Deadline:

By the way the tagline for the film is "Get Pitch Slapped"...Well?



When I was a girl, I attempted to do the same thing and almost killed myself.


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