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Sellebrity trailer is a hard sell

Sellebrity.jpgI'm not sure if the Sellebrity trailer really sells the idea of a film about the problems of celebrity and paparazzi well enough for us to go and watch a film, until the closing line that is which manages to make you laugh and reflect scarily on what might really happen.

It's not as clear cut as the trailer would suggest though, and the problems of paparazzi and celebrity cannot be claimed to be creating the issues with a few of the celebrities we see in it.

Watching the trailer for Sellebrity it's clear that there's going to be a range of celebrities interviewed and talk about the topic and the problems as well as some of the Paparazzi, but it does appear to be rather one sided although there are hints that there will be a more balanced view in the film.

Plus you can hardly look at the two celebrities of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and say that their downfall is all the fault of the paparazzi.

Still, there's a strong and relevant topic to explore here and perhaps the film will get there, I especially think that because Kevin Mazur has brought together the documentary and he's a celebrity photographer himself, or is that paprazzi?

Here is the Sellebrity trailer through Deadline:



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