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Splinter Cell film being considered again?

SplinterCell.jpgI say again because the first mention of a Splinter Cell film was made some time ago and the initial attempt sounded as though it was fairly getting some movement going, however it never happened and despite a lot of talk it has remained silent.

However a rumour has popped up that the film is in consideration again with two studios looking to make the film within as many weeks. The latest rumours sounds promising and a studio that is known for Tom Clancy films looks like it's trying to make a deal with the Clancy videogame franchise studio Ubisoft. Could it be happening?

Cast your mind back to January 2006 where I wrote about films to watch out for and mentioned that we might be waiting for a certain Splinter Cell for some time yet.

Mind you it wasn't long before we heard that Peter Berg was going to be directing it and that James Avery, the man who played the father Philip Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was set to be the boss Irving Lambert.

However roll on 2007 and the excellent games studio Ubisoft reveal that they have branched into film production and were working on delivering CG films before perhaps moving onto live action, and their potential films included their Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell game franchises.

Well that never seemed to happen although come 2008 we heard that Hollywood was going to be making Jack Ryan films without the Tom Clancy moniker, mainly because that was going to Ubisoft who got the rights to associate his name with their videogame franchises and revealed they held the rights to any Rainbow Six film. Again they reiterated the fact that their film production arm was hard at work and could be developing live action films in the future.

In 2011 Ubisoft said that they were working on film adaptations of three videogame franchises, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed, and so perhaps things were moving forward, however we heard nothing.

Now it's 2012 and there's a rumour from Deadline that Warner Bros. had begun talks regarding the film for Splinter Cell, however that has since moved to Paramount Pictures and talks are apparently underway with Ubisoft but no deal has been made.

We're a step closer to seeing Sam Fisher, the covert operative and the secret organisation he works for arrive on the big screen. Will it happen and will it translate well to film, after all the game is a lot of sneaking around and being patient and undiscovered, not something that always works well on film.

However the Splinter Cell games are steeped in great stories that would easily make it to the big screen, there's potential but what film studio would spend the time to adapt a film when the videogame developer is heavily involved in the production? So many have failed to get made because of those reasons, could Splinter Cell be the next?



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