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The Master has a new, odd trailer

TheMaster.jpgThe second trailer for The Master film from writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson has arrived and it is following the style of the first and dropping all the standard conventions of a trailer, in fact it looks more like some early teaser than a finished trailer.

It's unusual in that it concentrates on some moments between the two lead characters but never really tries to deliver any of the usual storytelling of a trailer. Mind you we are looking at two great actors with a superb writer and director behind them, so why do we need to follow convention?

The allure of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix together acting on a Paul Thomas Anderson script that he's also directing should be enough to get the levels of anticipation rising, even if you forget that this is a story about the growth of a religious cult in America in the 1950's that seems very similar to one that we might all know about already.

The new trailer is right here through TrailerAddict and it does suggest that we're in for two great performances from both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix, however it doesn't deliver a lot of the story to come, or touch on the parts of the story that might well raise controversy.

What did you think? If those names weren't attached this would fly by you, but with those two and Amy Adams, Laura Dern and others signed up it's positively exciting.



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